By designing a website you need to know about famous brands

In the design of the site,  we want to familiarize you with one of the most viewed websites in the world of business today, and after reading this article, you will be able to design the required site among the Iranian need sites and by learning to increase the audience of the site Get your own prosperous benefits and also play a role for audiences and managers who want to increase their sales, such as famous brands. In this article, we will work with different ways of designing the site requirements, and your site will be equipped with a complete need system. To be

If we look back many years ago, websites such as a star-studded station could attract audiences that increased sales of their audiences, as well as increased revenue for the station’s website, and over time, similar sites were created at the station, but because of The unsatisfactory and unscheduled structure of the expected one was not fulfilled and its failure. While  designing a site,  a series of pre-design cases need to be investigated and analyzed by rivals and the creation of non-repetitive and correct methods with consideration of the target market. .

Nowadays, many websites create websites that use both old and current browsers and pay attention to market and audience needs, even with the help of templates from famous brands, can help your business succeed by choosing the right kind of management system. Ad is suitable for  website design and advertisement.

Before starting to design a site, do you know the answer to the following questions?

  • What are the plans if you want a successful site design  ?
  • Did you think that there are many companies and sites in the design of the site requirements ? How to choose from these companies? 
  • Do you know what needs a site should be?
  • How much do you need with a cheap website design and dedicated website design?
  • Is your site just needing a web version or needing an application?

Well, we know all your questions and one by one, and we will continue to discuss. Of course, we asked thousands of people every month about how to build a site, and we have been a professional and fully accountable management system for six years. We prepared to require any kind of website without having to pay too high.




Where do we begin to build a site?

Before you start designing your site, you need to know a few things that are asked above so you can have a good choice.

We always advise all customers who contact us for advice before you start and see what your goal is about designing a site. Is it just a need for a site? Whether or not they want to expand their business, or have a specialist in a class or skill, for example, a site like Bama aims at a car and a reference site in the field of automobiles, or employment sites or real estate …

So decide before what you want to do and then look for your rivals in the field. For example, if you want to be active in real estate, first of all you will see who your country’s rivals are and then rivals of the provincial and urban levels. If you have a long-term plan, then work as a planned country. Otherwise, first start locally from your own province and cities, and then work as a country and county.


Do not design a site with your own taste and feel. Find out where you can get more contact.


In the next step, see what features you need and if you want to be different from your rivals, what features or services can you provide on your site?

We have tried to list the minimum requirements for designing the site in light of the experiences we have gained over the years.

At least the features you need to consider in designing a site need:

  • Easy banner management
  • Create and manage ad categories
  • Create and manage the province and cities ads
  • The possibility of an immediate and ladder
  • Online payment through hotspots
  • Create custom fields based on each category
  • Advanced filtering feature
  • Special page for each category
  • Display banners by province and city
  • Admin panel for registered users
  • Gallery for ads
  • Possibility to create a blog
  • Manage and modify emails and define email templates
  • Register an ad with membership and no need to subscribe
  • Easy to install
  • You can install various templates on the site
  • Professional user management
  • Professional and responsive templates
  • It has a unique link management system
  • High Satisfaction Feature
  • Security and security add-ons for the management system
  • Ability to design an Android application and ios application
  • And a number of other features that can be upgraded based on the need

Note that the above features are only part of the requirements of the sites.


There are many ways in which you can design a site with one of the methods described below, or you can give it to your specialists to design it for you.




There are several ways to design a site need, which we will examine below:


Designing your own site from zero to one hundred without requiring any programming knowledge.

To create your favorite site, you can visit usurba free of charge site design training tutorials on our Farsi website.

Learning to design a site with Farsi Class:

If Osclass unfamiliar course reading ( Osclass What? )  Read and begin to design requirements, with Osclass Persian us completely free in his training S-Class from zero to one hundred in training design requirements And by learning these tutorials, you can design any kind of site and ad. Without any programming knowledge, keep track of all the tutorials thoroughly, and have any difficulty on the same page as the comments. Our colleagues will guide you.

Use Script Requirements:

One of the other ways you can use it in the design of the site is the need for scripts that make it easy for you to design an ad site. A requirement script is a ready-made management system that is pre-designed with a series of Features are defined like osclass farsi, which has a script that can be used to design any type of ad website. Also, if you search on google, you will become familiar with thousands of scripts, but there are only scripts that can be used among these scripts. Its native and Persian versions are optimized for Iran This will cause problems during work.


Use ready-made template:

As explained in the above section of the script section, each script in a professional state allows you to use a variety of templates in which you can use a template to build your own site . These templates are ready. and free or merchants by providing scripts available that we Osclass in the form of Osclass a series of templates ready for free trade and put the can on the need to start one of these templates use you in the form of free meals , you can choose one of them in construction site Free your requirements.

Purchasing a ready-made site or designing a cheap site

If you are planning to purchase a site that you need, you should consult with an expert in this area because when buying a site, you need to have a site type, the start date of the activity, the extent of the site activity, the number of users, the type of script The site has been designed with it, the number of visits and inputs it has, what words were SEO, and … that you need to pay attention to purchasing the site. Of course, you can use the explanations we provided earlier before buying. A site needs a low cost site design and you will be using the template in the fastest time Get ready to get started.

Price design site requirements

In terms of price design, we can share the requirements in two ways:

1- Using the System Requirement Management System, which is the most professional system in this field with ongoing support by its team-s or other ready-made scripts.

2- Designing a dedicated site from 0 to 100 according to your requirements. In this case, the time and amount of work will have a very significant impact on the price estimate. A team with several years of experience in the field of the site can be consulted through available information. On the contact page of our colleagues, use free advice.




Sao need site :

In the  design of the site and the ad section of the next section to pay attention to SEO and optimization of your site If you have a super-professional system, but no user in it and do not enter the site through the search engines no value Not like this is a shop that has no sales.

In the design of the site, you need to consider the external and internal SEO and in the first priority of your internal SEO system should be Google’s standard and you can optimize your site and then go to the web.

In our Farsi Classroom with SEO and SEO optimizations, you can optimize and optimize your site. For  site requirements,  be sure to read the SEO site’s requirements article. In this article, you will find that What site you need and what you need to observe. Also, we teach SEO and optimization  tips in SEO and optimization tips that you can use to improve your build.


Requirements design :

In the design of the site and the ad should pay attention to whether there is a need for your site to meet the requirements of Android and ios requirements need your business do not need an application or not? Do people asking for an application to join your site? Do people who work with your site have the ability to work with the app? Will your audience and sales increase with your app?

For a better understanding of this topic, be sure to read the article ( designing a need application ) because you will find that your site needs a mobile app or not?



In this article, we all talked about the designing of the site requirements, even if you could have a site that requires a very high cost. We talked about SEO and optimization of need sites, and we said that your script needs to be powered by engine algorithms Search for updates. You can also design a site with requirements without any programming know-how

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