Cryptotab plugin for free bitcoin extraction

CryptoTab is an add-on for Google Chrome or Firefox, which you can merge with even 4-bit Quinn just by installing it on Google Chrome or Firefox, and introducing it to Doosan, your acquaintances and colleagues. Get on the moon. But how? 

 The first step is to go through the Google Chrome browser or Firefox to install this plugin. Click on the link below.

New: Friend adds a site-specific plugin if it’s installed 8 times faster

New download plugin download

Then click on the ADD TO CHROME AND GET BITCOIN blue button. After you have moved Chrome to the add-ons container, click on the blue Add button to Chrome to install the plug-in on your browser.

Cryptotab plugin training 

On the plugin page, the value of your extracted Bitcoin extra has been written. Below is a dedicated link to invite your friends to install the plugin. And there are sharing buttons that do the same thing.

 The bottom right of the page shows the number of your subsets.

 And on the left you can set Bitcoin extraction speed. 

Bitcoin extraction continues until your browser is open. Extracting also stops if you close the browser. Click on the icon of the extracted bitcoins at the top right of the page. Click on the WITHDRAW BTC button in the open menu to take bitcoin.


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