Eclipse and its solution

Travel is enjoyable and fun, but not always. For some people, traveling along with all your pleasures is a never-ending torment, and you may also experience these unpleasant symptoms such as confusion, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting, cold sweating, fatigue, excessive salivation, yawning, headache, general feeling of discomfort and discomfort While traveling with your own bus or personal vehicle.

Travelers or car crash sicknesses are said to occur due to the continuous and repeated movement of surrounding landscapes when the person rides a car.

Dizziness and nausea are among the symptoms of the disease. This type of illness is caused not only in travels, but also in every place, such as recreational equipment, such as steady and constant movement.

Safety and prevention of this disease can be prevented by observing such issues as the lack of study when traveling in a vehicle and emptying the stomach.

One of the beneficial factors in using anti-nausea and dizziness when traveling is the use of ginger.

Helping drugs

There are also medicines for preventing and treating travel sickness that you can use if you are generally encountering this problem during your travels. Some of these drugs can be bought from a pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor, but if you have a systemic illness, it is advisable to consult a pharmacist before taking them.

Diemen hydrinate is a drug that can be used in mild forms of low dose disease. This drug, also known as the Travel Pill, can be used several hours before the start of the journey.

Non-pharmacological treatments

Researchers have found that the use of ginger root has a completely comparable effect to the drugs, while it has no side effects. So, if you really have trouble with it and you do not have access to medicine, you can try this suggestion.

Cold water compression also helps to fix the problem. Cold water compression Of course not much ice on the eyes and on the neck.

Apply these recommendations

If you are also susceptible to motion sickness, follow these steps to enjoy your journey:

Try to lean fully into the car seat along the path and put the chair half-sleeve.

Do not sit on the chair on the back.

Avoid reading.

It’s best to be in the part of the vehicle that has the slightest shake, for example, in the middle of the bus, the front seat of the car and the side of the airplane.

Take a deep and slow breath.

If you are sick with travel, do not look at the sights from the inside of the car, or if you are on a boat or ship, do not wave the waves and watch the horizon.

It is better to avoid stimulants such as cigarette smoke. In the airplane or bus, turn on the air-conditioning unit to make the air flow better.

Also, try to eat less food and drink from the night before your trip, and keep your abdomen relatively empty along the way

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