Introducing Photoshop (Photoshop)

What is Photoshop?

In summary, Photoshop is a software for photo editing, photo blending, and photo making from scratch. The manufacturer of this software is Adobe, one of the largest software companies and the best graphics software company.

Photoshop has a lot of different uses, and certainly anyone who needs to do computer graphics needs this software. Its applications can be used in print shops, web design, digital design, animation, and all the work related to graphics. The latest version of Photoshop was introduced on November 12, 1395, known as Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

In contrast, Illustrator , a vector-based software that follows mathematics for its calculations, is Photoshop’s pixel-based software, and its calculations are based on pixels (vector and pixel-based images). As you mentioned, Adobe Photoshop is one of Adobe’s products. In this way, the software has a strong connection with other graphic software such as  Illustrator , Premiere, Effects and Bridge. And you can use the open source file of this software, and vice versa.

Photoshop supports almost all of the original color examples, such as:

  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • Bitmap
  • LAB
  • black and white

The most supported dimensions of this software are pixels, centimeters, millimeters and inches. Photoshop also supports almost all of the storage and reading formats, most notably PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. Also known as the PSD’s proprietary format.


What’s the history of Photoshop

The idea of Photoshop 1987 began with Thomas Noel in Michigan, USA. Thomas is the son of Glenn Nol. Thomas Noll’s father was interested in photography and had a dark room at his house. At that time, the early emergence of personal computers, Thomas Newell and his brother John Neal were keen on this invention.

Thomas, like his father, was very interested in photography, and in his own words, he was photographed during high school and then, with his father’s knowledge of the subject, he also published black and white and color photographs, as well as adjusting the contrast and color balance They are paying attention. Brother Thomas was more interested in programming, and has been programming with his own Mac OS.

Photoshop History - What is Photoshop?

Thomas, like his brother, was following the programming. He took an Apple Macintosh Plus at his college to edit his thesis. But because of the lack of features it needs in Apple Macintosh Plus, it does work and writes a few plans to do its job.

John Noll has drawn attention to his Bradd program, and he is suggesting that he should work on the program and develop it to produce digital images with his program. He also gave his brother several other ideas to add to the capabilities of the program, such as storing a photo in different formats or changing the amount of transparency of photos, after a few months of programming on the program and adding these ideas. Simply create a powerful software called Photoshop.

Where should a web designer or programmer start?


Commercialization of Photoshop software

In 1988, with the completion and application of the program, John gives Thomas a commercialization offer. Thomas was not too excited to be able to sell the program, but convinced his brother and guaranteed that he could sell the program. At that time, he was marketing at Silicon Valley, and also read about another editor’s software, all of which led to more sales of their own plans.

Commercialization of Photoshop Software - What is Photoshop?

After the introduction of Photoshop, they were keen on various companies, they were able to contract with Barneyscan to sell the first version of the software, called Photoshop, along with its scanners. John continued to showcase a preview of the software at Adobe, and Adobe executives were impressed by the capabilities of Photoshop software, and by signing a contract between Adobe and Adobe, they purchased the right to use Photoshop software. The launch of Photoshop was launched by Adobe.

After the contract was signed, John and his brother worked harder on their software to increase their capabilities, and finally, Adobe Photoshop software, with all its weaknesses, was released in 1989.


What is the use of Photoshop tools and plugins?

In fact, Photoshop has powerful tools that make it the most popular graphics software for graphic artists. Each of the Photoshop tools presents us with a new world, and everything can be done by them. There are also several plugins available for Adobe Photoshop, which adds more functionality to the software.

What is the use of Photoshop tools and plugins?

Using these tools, you can edit, combine, color, cut and resize, adjust light, add filters, and do other work to create fantastic visuals and what we need.

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