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If you have plenty of creative ideas and artistic ideas,  your graphic artist’s job is right for you.

Graphic  art is the transmission of a message through the image to the audience. The graphic title is derived from the Greek word (GRAPHEIN), which means engraving, writing, design, and design. Graphic design uses different techniques for creating two-dimensional works on different levels such as paper, wall, canvas, metal, wood, fabric, plastic, computer display, rock, etc., in order to deliver a specific message to the viewer. . Among these techniques can be: photography, etching, painting, various printing techniques.

The birth and development of graphics began when the era of industrialization and mass production of industrial and non-industrial goods began, and the introduction of a mass of goods needed to be advertised so the customer would not be confused in their choice. It’s natural that publicizing the public requires a common language that combines the lines, colors and signs that the image shapes can meet the demands of the product manufacturer. The graphic is the  one who transmits a message or idea with the help of pictures and letters to the audience on the custom enamel given to him by relying on his art. Graphic design has many areas and specialties:

  • Visual communication (visual communication) – such as poster design, cover design, logo design, web page design and …
  • Illustration – such as illustration for children’s books, scientific and educational books, illustrations for publications, design of maps and …
  • Environmental Graphics – An environmentally-oriented graphic designer, with the design of a suitable map that shows the location of each section of the environment with a good design and color, plays an important role in helping other people use it.

A  graphic artist, in  addition to high creativity and arts, should have a good ability to use the computer and have a good communication skill. Acquiring the necessary knowledge and expertise for graphic design through existing curricula or related academic disciplines.  In general, one could say that a   successful graphic artist should have a specialized graphic art, graphic skill skills, and knowledge of the latest information and news related to sociology and psychology. If the  graphist  is employed by a company or an organization, its working hours are usually in accordance with the normal routine. Of course, in some projects, it may be necessary to allocate more hours to work in a timely manner.  If the graphic work independently, it has flexible working hours. Graphic work place

Usually in the office or at home sometimes.

The following tasks  graphic , skills and abilities required  graphic , education required for the job,  graphic , labor market and job opportunities and income  graphic artists and some  artists  well known are familiar

tasks graphic

  • Talk about customer needs and desires and specify the features of his order
  • Choose the best and most appropriate method, material and style tailored to the customer’s order
  • Create initial work plans to showcase the customer
  • Use computerized software to prepare designs
  • Generate the final version by adhering to the exact features of text, size and color
  • Doing work with the budget and time allocated to it

The skills and abilities required by the graphic artist

  • Imagination and creativity – which are the main pillars of ideas and performing artwork.
  • Have a taste of art and skill in design
  • Having enough information on the areas and expertise involved, such as printing and photography
  • Ability to manage time and work according to budget and timing
  • Awareness of the latest changes and information in the field of graphics
  • Good communication skills
  • Good marketing power
  • Skill on working with computers and using graphic software  – because computers today are the main pillar of graphic work and helped to develop it.

Today, computer software is one of the most important tools in the work of the  graphic artist  that helps him achieve his goals. If the vacancy overview  graphic  look, you will notice most employers, companies and organizations attract one of the  artist  ‘s mastery of software-related  graphics  are placed.

So if you want to be  successful in a  graphic arts career, you can quickly and easily find a decent and well-paid job in your own field of  graphics  , or if you are working in this area and want to move up the stairs faster, be sure to learn Graphic software is   one of the main and most reliable ways for you.

The most important graphics software needed by a  graphic  are:

Education required to enter the graphic profession

To enter the  graphic arts  enthusiast, you must have the knowledge and expertise along with personal characteristics. Some  graphic artists  have empirically entered it. By looking at the courses in free schools, they have begun designing a graphic design, some of which are successful because of their great interest and perseverance.

Students who are interested can go to the Conservatory in the field of  graphic arts  and continue to attend the university if they wish.

There are various undergraduate  and  postgraduate  graphic arts  (or  video )  art groups at different universities of the country  who have graphic  enthusiasts Can enter these disciplines and see formal education. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the experience of graphic work   plays a very important role. Graphic students   should try to increase their experience and experience while doing their jobs and projects.

Job prospects, job market, and graphic recruitment opportunities

Graphicists  work in some organizations, including Voice and Television, and the Ministry of Guidance, advertising companies, printers, educational centers, and many large companies, with marketing and sales units. Since gaining experience is crucial for success in this job, it is sometimes necessary   for the graphic artist to change his / her work experience.

Possibility to work independently and a lot of projects for  graphic artists  . Many  graphists  get ready and delivered to the client by taking orders from the customer at the appointed time.

From the recruitment and market situation of the  graphic artist In the country reliable information is not available. But given the growing importance of marketing and advertising and the special attention of all organizations and companies, and on the other hand, the growth of the field of imagery and design of books, magazines and newspapers, etc., is expected to be the appropriate market In the coming years, it will be a   powerful graphist . Due to the high number of graduate students in the field of  graphic arts , it is evident that the competition in this sector is very high and strong and strong people will win this field.

The employment situation of the graphic artist in some countries of the world is as follows: The

United States  – projections show that graphic employment   will grow by 13% in the United States between 2010 and 2020, while the average growth rate for all businesses is 14% is.

AustraliaGraphic   staffing  has grown by 11.6% over the past 5 years compared to the average for all businesses (10.2%) and is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. Earnings and graphic rights

Graphists  who employ an organization or a company, especially in the private sector, receive different earnings.

In a recent study conducted by a number of country’s health professionals, various income-generating job groups have been investigated. Accordingly, the average salary and earnings of  graphic  artists are extracted from various job groups.

According to this research, the rights of graphic artists working as experts in different fields, in small companies averaged between 800000 USD to 2700000 USD and in large companies between 1100000 USD to 3000000 USD.

Note, however, that this difference in revenues depends on the level of work experience, the experience and expertise of individuals, the different areas of work, the type of company, the city of work, and so on.

The above research has been done on employers who are employed by a company or an organization (whether public or private). The conditions are different for those who are entrepreneurs and work independently in their field of expertise, and they have different earnings depending on the level of activity, expertise, effort, and dedication they have.

 The above research has been done on employers who are employed by a company or an organization (whether public or private). The conditions are different for those who are entrepreneurs and work independently in their field of expertise, and they have different earnings depending on the level of activity, expertise, effort, and dedication they have.

The graphic earnings in some countries of the world  are: The

United States  – the average annual income for graphic artists in 2010 is   $ 43,500 (average income for all businesses is $ 33,840), and according to the latest figures in 2013, it was $ 44,100.

Australia – The average graphic artist’s  annual income is  $ 48,000 (before deduction).

England  – The average annual graphic artist’s income  It costs around $ 23,000 for people with an average of $ 29,000 to $ 45,500, and for top graphicians of over $ 75,000.

The proper characters are the graphic artist

In a correct and correct job selection, a variety of factors, including personality traits, values, interests, skills, family circumstances, community conditions and … should be considered for each individual. One of the most important of these factors is personality traits. A true understanding of each person’s personality is a complex process requiring expertise and time. Of course, each person has its own unique characteristics, even those who somehow have the same personality type, are still different in some cases.

In general, there are always successful people of different types in all occupations, and one can not exactly say that only certain person types are successful in this job. But in the research that took place, the personality bridges introduced for this job generally tended to be more desirable and had more job satisfaction.

Some of the characters suitable for  MBTI- based graphic artist jobs :

INFJ     This personality brigade is capable of creating unique works with the help of creativity and ideas. He can express himself with art and often affect others. Working independently and having control over it is one of the most important issues for this personality brigade.

ENFP Enjoy this personality brigade of creative and challenging processes, especially if they are in touch with others. The more flexible the working environment and the environment, the more favorable it is for them. They can work alone and independently, but they need to talk to others.

INFP This personality brigade is keen to express its ideas and ideas in an innovative way, and has a personal freedom and flexibility in its work. Many INFPs consider themselves to be artists, even if they do not earn a living. Some of them believe the artist is a feature in their existence.

INTJ This personality brings to life the creative and savor of works and uses your self to create your own works.

INTP This personality brings creative work and likes to work with people of different backgrounds. She usually likes to work alone and prefers to work with small groups with good talent.

The ISFP loves the personality brigade and the use of his five senses. He is fond of flexible work, without much interest in the structure and regulation.

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