Common mistakes in designing user experience in site design

Mistakes in user experience in site design

In today’s article, the design of the site addresses the mistakes that occur in the field of user experience or UX: 
in principle, we can say that the user experience is all aspects that the user interacts with the site. 
In fact, user experience is a non-digital concept but is used in the digital domain. 
In the following, we will be familiar with the difference in user experience and user interface:


Experimental interface and user interface

In designing a site that designers may have mistakes in this regard. This is due to the overwhelming and overwhelming amount of designers involved with and overwhelms itself in the design details of the site . One of the mistakes is the lack of awareness of users. This lack of awareness leads to a scientific breakthrough. This gap can be harmful to the design of the site. Consequently, there are errors in the design of the user   experience design experience .

Expectations from site users

One of the most important features of designers is that they are logical people and spend a lot of time on user interfaces. 
In this context they have a lot of intuitive knowledge. They clearly know what the world of symbols and icons play in designing the site . 
But they work poorly in the design of the ux design user experience   . Designers make mistakes in their user experience because of their professionalism. 
They think that things are very clear, but not for the public.

  Importance of site loading time (first part)

Default designers:

  • Users are aware of the controls
  • Users are familiar with and understand icons and symbols.
  • All users are focused on the site.
  • Users read the instructions.
  • And …

We can say that the problem here is that the designers consider these assumptions to be logical. 
While users are confusing, or they do not see the instructions, or do not communicate with the posts. 
These issues are often different from those of designers. 
As a result, designing a user experience for a site will not be desirable.

Design for all users

It’s always said that the site should be designed for the user. This sentence is inspired by designers who are consistent with the user’s wishes for designing the site. 
If the user is different with the target audience. 
In some cases, Google’s target users are focusing on search engines. In addition to Google, advertisers, robots and … can also be. 
So, in the user experience of designing the site, pay attention to the target audience. In many cases designers do not pay attention to this.

Site design based on user experience

In designing a user experience, designers should identify the right target. To have a favorable outcome in design. 
Your experience in designing user experience will help you get the best results. 
Pay attention to this one who wants to design the site and pay a fee. 
Expects to be designed according to his taste. 
The designer can guide the user’s tastes to the desired user experience.

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