5 types of logo and how to use it in the design of the site

5 basic types of logo

In the SpinSpace design , we will explain to you and when to use the logo:

When asked: I’m not sure how to start designing my logo? Maybe you have to decide what kind of style to start the logo design!

Logo styles are divided into five categories that you can decide on

Letters, Letters, Brand, Written Combinations, and Symbols. In this post, we explain the definition of each one and point to some of the world’s most famous logos and why you should use it?

Note: All logos are not included in these five categories, but in fact this is not a problem. You think about the logo as a solution.

Writing logo

The logo is known as a word mark or typed logo – a simple type of logos. For example, the name of the company is written alone in the text. The logo may be designed for handwriting, signature, custom fonts or existing fonts.

Among the most famous logos we can mention include Coca-Cola, Disney, Mobile, Canon, Sony, Facebook, Yahoo and Pinterest.

For large brands and brands, the simplicity of the logo can deliver a sense of self-confidence, dating and stability. However, the logo is a good choice to set up a business. It also helps in the name of the company to be better known.

The logo appears everywhere. However, often the brand is different from the name of the company.


Letter logo



As a logo of the monogram, the logo is made of a written text. But according to the first letters of the name of the company or brand, instead of its full name. Among the famous works of the logo are the CNN, the Home Office Box (HBO), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Procter & Gamble (P & G) and Electronic Arts (EA).

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If the logo is a suitable choice for companies whose names or brands are too long, or that their pronunciation is difficult and easily recognized as a logo in many media outlets.

The lettering logo shortens the name of the company to its first letters. These letters are easily created in the minds of the audience. The logo and its name in global markets.

The challenge is both the type of writing logo and the letterhead in their distinction. They are distinguishable at a glance.


Business logo


The business logo is known as a pictorial sign. The logo does not have a text but is designed with an image, icon or symbol representing the name of the company or its brand. One of the famous trademarks is Apple, Red Cross, WWF panda, Swoosh.

The logo can be a great one for the audience. Which comes in the minds of the audience and does not require the interpretation of images in the logo.

A business logo can be seen as a concept. For example, in bird’s social media the Twitter avatar is a ghost of the snapshot icon or the Instagram icon that encourages people to share content in the design of the site .

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The logo is a symbol of an explanation for a brand, with obvious advantages that come to the service of global markets, and this symbol is immediately understood throughout the world. The success of a business logo is that the audience receives the meaning of the symbol and then delivers it in their minds.

Combined logo


The logo is a combination of image and text combinations. Among the famous logos we can name Adidas, Doritos, Lacoste, Pizza Hut, Xbox, McDonald’s, Walmart, Microsoft and Domino’s Pizza.

Combined logo is a well-known logo that can describe a company’s name and image. This logo is very effective for less-known companies. The combination logo is less complicated, and the designer logo is more distinct than other logos and is not confused with the logo.

The hybrid logo is very difficult to design in smaller sizes because the logo elements are not ideally represented.

The Adidas logo is a clear example, as shown above.

the mark


The logo of the sign is like a composite logo containing a sign and a text that is placed inside the mark. The famous examples of these logos are Ford, Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, UPS, MasterCard, Burger King and the NFL.

Signs are less flexible than hybrid logos. Many organizations like schools, charities, teams use this logo. This logo displays a badge or seal that shows the strength and originality of a brand along with the design of the site

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