Warning; Windows 10 Spy is Still Exceeding!

Warning; Windows 10 Spy is Still Exceeding!

Warning; Windows 10 Spy is Still Exceeding! Reviewed byBaHar DeathonJan 19Rating:

Microsoft did not remove DiagTrack and changed its name only. 
Although Windows 10 auto-updates, although adding good features and capabilities to this operating system, have shown that this has been accompanied by an increase in privacy violations. 
Earlier this month, Microsoft confessed to collecting personal information and user habits through Windows 10, adding that it did not intend to stop it.

Following intense protests by users of this rude Microsoft action, the company recently released a new update of Windows 10 called Threshold 2, in which tracking users called DiagTrack was disabled.

The DiagTrack feature is now active in the Windows 10 operating system called Connected User Experience and Telemetry Service.

The company used this misleading name to deceive Windows 10 users in order to steal personal information from users.

Microsoft in another harsh attempt to arbitrarily manipulate user settings and preferences set by people on Windows 10.

People who have already removed DiagTrack by changing the settings in the Windows 10 registry key after reinstalling Windows and installing Threshold 2 has witnessed re-activation as Connected User Experience and Telemetry Service. are. Interestingly, Microsoft does not give any notice or warning to users.

To cope with this new Microsoft trick on Windows 10, simply press the Windows key on the keyboard and tap on the R key.

In the box that opens, type service.msc and press Enter. Then locate the Connected User Experiences and Telemetry option in the Services Local section and double-click it.

Finally, in the Service status section, click Stop and in the Startup type, select Disabled and select OK and click OK to finish.

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