Use 100% Internet bandwidth in Windows 7

Use 100% Internet bandwidth in Windows 7 

I had already put this tutorial on windows xp and now for windows xp:

Well, let’s take a look at the first trick that allows us to use 100% bandwidth in Windows 7! 
It does not work much with its similar trick in Xp. If you remember, only 20% of bandwidth was used in Xp, and in the 7th, the default is only 20% bandwidth! 
Now after the description go to the path: 
1. In the search program & file section at start, type gpedit.msc and enter enter! 
2- Wait for the Group Policy to run. 
3. In the Local Computer Policy section, expand Administrative Templates under Computer Configuration. (Do it by clicking on the + sign). 
4. Open the Network option in the list. 
5. In this list, select Qos Packet Scheduler.
6. Look carefully at the options appearing on the right. 
7. Open the Limit reservable bandwidth file. 
8. After you open the Limit reserveable bandwidth window, select Enabled. In the Options section, clear the 20 bandwidth limit and type 0 and click OK. 
9. Restart your computer now. 

It’s over!

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