Step by step instruction and practical curriculum

Step by step instruction and practical curriculum

CryoControl is a simple yet powerful tool that can be integrated as an integrated threat management solution, maintains network integrity with deep packet inspection and advanced routing capabilities that includes simultaneous support from OS Version 4 and Version 6. Make

One of the features of the cyro controller is the network firewall, router, detection and intrusion prevention (IDS / IPS), antivirus, VPN Server, network protection against viruses, Trojans, content management and Malicious activities, bandwidth control and management, accurate network monitoring

CryoControl, with its comprehensive and flexible capabilities, has become a complete solution for securing, monitoring, and managing Internet access for all networks of any size.

In this book, all the features of CryoControl are described with practical examples.

Number of pages: 560

Price back cover: 40000 USD

 Telephone order book: 09907793671


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