Speed ​​up the internet

It is possible that you will be at a low speed when working with your own computer and when using the Internet, one of the reasons for which is the “Auto Update” option. 

Disable Automatic

Updates : To disable automatic updates, follow the steps below. 

Windows 7: After entering the  Control Panel, go to the Windows Update section and select the Change Settings option from the left sidebar . Then  , enable Never Check For Updates . 

Windows 8 and 8.1: After entering the settings menu, select Windows Update , and then in the Important Updates section, select Never Check For UpdatesChoose. 

Windows 10: To disable automatic updates, in this version of Windows, first enter the setup menu, then enter the  Network & Internet , and then go to the Wi-Fi area , and then enter the Advanced options and go through this path now. You can enable Set metered connection


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