Destroy the kazme_gheyz virus

A virus with a name called << kazme_gheyz >> has just been published, which I write to you about removing it.

 This virus will disable the registry and the Windows utility manager, and its own site also brings Internet Explorer home screen.

In your site, this is how:

I have come to Kazme gheyz today . A virus that I like very much.

Did you know that this virus clears as soon as all other viruses run on your system?

It does not do anything special, that is, it means that it does not harm your system. It’s like a good boy and it does not hurt you so you have to deal with it with respect and never harm it.

So let’s be together and release it with help.


Follow these steps to remove this virus …

1. Take a copy of the Taskmgr.exe file and name it Taskmgr1.exe.

Run Taskmgr1.exe-2 and exit the Process Files process Kazme_Gheyz.exe or Kazme__Gheyz.exewith the End Task button.

3. Delete all Kazme__Gheyz.exe and Kazme_Gheyz.exe and Autorun.inf files from the root directory of all drives.

4. Files Kazme__Gheyz.exe or Kazme_Gheyz.exe directory Windows / system32 too clear.

5- Run the Regedit program from the Start-> Run menu.

6. Click MyComputer from the program above.

7. Press Ctrl + F and type Kazm in it and hit Enter. Clear all items that are fetched with the Del button. Click F3 to find the next item.

8. Run Internet Explorer. From the Tools-> Internet Option menu, select Use blank.


Download and enjoy.

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