Call your anti-virus to fight

Hello dear friends

This is a virus training that a friend requested, I hope you use it.

 Just use Antivirus Notepad to fight yourself !!!!!!! Create a malicious virus! … Yes, it’s anticipated that your anti-virus will be dying today. The name of the virus you create today is Eicar. It is in fact a standard virus for anti-virus testing. Remember to activate your antivirus before starting to work. If your antivirus detects this virus, however, if it does not, or you need to update your anti-virus or change it. In the meantime, in order to complete the above explanations, I have to say that EICAR stands for the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research. Now let’s get started: First open Notepad and enter the following statement. Please use Copy and Paste:
X5O! P% @ AP [4PZX54 (P ^) 7CC) 7} $ EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE! $ H + H * Then select SaveAs and file the file with the com file, ie with the name eicar. So your job is over. I hope you’ve managed to sleep your antivirus !!! Before you do this yourself, please pay attention to the following notes: 
 Note 1) This virus is not a real virus and is in fact a virus and acts only as an antivirus for testing your antivirus. So if your antivirus It did not succeed in detecting it and you won the duel !! You can be sure that eicar will not harm your system at all.
 Note 2: Although eicar is not a real virus, the subject matter of today was in fact a prelude to the real virus that I will teach you in the next few days (hackers usually use the eicar virus to mislead the user and distract their senses from the main virus Use). In the future, we will even use a multifunctional icon to strengthen our viruses.

be successful and victorious

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