14 Free and Excellent Blogging Platforms

Are you new to the blogging industry and face the lack of funds? In this article, you will be introduced to free blogging platforms that you can use.

Perhaps there are many companies that need a great website design and strong marketing campaign to launch their products or services.

In any case, when you are at the design stage and have a small budget, matching with an affordable marketing strategy can be challenging, especially if you want to use traditional media such as TV advertising, print and online advertising. . Fortunately, you should not use an expensive and expensive technology to launch your blog and market and market your business or design.

Now you know the advantages of blogging for website design, it’s time to talk about important blogging recommendations to quickly launch your site design. You need operating systems to support you in this way and give you lots of things to start your blog for free.

Apart from business discussion, launching a blog can also be a personal goal. Anyone like a book has stories. These days everyone has infinite tweets, Facebook posts and comments on social networks, and so on. But many people have a lot more to write and present, and they also want to share stories and content with a lot of people. In this article, you will be introduced to the free blogging platforms, which you can use to help them get paid at no extra cost.

Blogging may have been a bit of a modern day, and the reason for this is the emergence of social networks that have become widespread. But most people would like to have a special space to share their stories with their contacts, without being interrupted by advertising or frivolous updates. The best option is to choose one of the blogging operating systems we introduce to you in this article, and start your blogging work.

We were able to create 14 blogging platforms for beginners to launch a free blog and reach their long-standing dream.





The WIX drag and drop system is built with HTML5.


If HTML5 is so important to you, then WIX should also be valuable to you. WIX claims that it’s the only drag and drop website that builds platforms with HTML5 capabilities. You can find over 500 patterns (made by designers) on this website, along with great features and features. You can also find a great web site on this website and you will be able to support your website and blog.

If you have a free account in WIX, you will receive 500 MB of memory and 1 GB of bandwidth. If you need more features-like Google’s personal domain and analytics-you should take a look at the pay-per-view programs of this website and choose whatever suits your requirements.


  1. YOLA



YOLA provides flexible layouts without additional advertising.


If you have a lot of plans for your blog, YOLA limits you and can not meet your needs-you can only launch 2 3-page websites with YOLA’s free program, but the memory and the width The band is gigabyte and your website or blog will not be in vain.

Starting blogging with this item is very easy, because there are many patterns that you can choose from and start launching your blog or website. Flexible layouts and drag and drop widgets are also available to you, and if you are skilled, you can correct CSS so your website or blog looks like you like.





You can enter content of your content by CONTENTFUL API.


CONTENTFUL can isolate your content from the design so that content is stored on their servers so that you can apply your content in any design and operating system you like. If you want to create a completely different website or blog in a short time, it’s best to modify the settings of all factors and change according to your taste.





Create and design your own static sites and blogs with JEKYLL.


JEKYLL can customize your raw entries in the boxes and give them a static view of the way, which makes it possible for your website or blog to be placed wherever you like. On the pages of the GITHUB website, there is an option that allows you to place your blog free of charge.

By building your website and blog, JEKYLL no longer needs to work with technical issues such as databases, upgrades, upgrades, and so on, so rarely do errors, and you can get the same pre-design step. Create a highly functional website and blog that does not contain any defect.






WORDPRESS is one of the popular and popular blogging platforms.


If you believe in the popularity of WORDPRESS, you will see what features and options you can create to create a highly functional and professional website and blog.

You can easily create and launch a new blog by WordPress, you can customize the settings on this operating system. Many web sites use WordPress because they can be installed with just one click. You can find and read more about WordPress in WORDPRESS.ORG.

Newcomers and beginners in the design of websites and blogs at the beginning of WordPress may be confused, but in any case, WordPress is the best free option for anyone who wants to add power, personal privacy and sustainability to their website and blog. Make





TUMBLR is one of the easiest free blogging systems you can use.


TUMBLR is an operating system between WORDPRESS and TWITTER. This operating system gives you many things. It’s also very easy to customize your website’s and blog’s theme settings.

TUMBLR has strong social features because it follows the pattern of notes and favorites of NOTES AND FAVORITS. Remember that this operating system has a vibration alert option for entering unauthorized websites and pages, in which case you need to remove the star option from those pages to exit the FAVOURUT archive and disconnect the alert.





BLOGGER is one of the oldest and free platforms in web design and blogging.


As the name BLOGGER is evident, this free OS allows you to create blogs. You can log in to your Google ID by Google and you can create and launch your blog within seconds. You can personalize with your new themes, blog or site. This operating system is one of Google’s services, and you can add many items to your blog or website so that the audience can enjoy their viewing and reading.


Medium 8



MEDIUM is a free blogging platform that is the founder of the company Tweeter.


MEDIUM is one of Twitter’s subsets and it seems to be doing its best to expose long texts and high content like micro-blogs. If you want to get your posts and content taken seriously by contacts and users, you can launch your blog with this option, giving your audience a gigantic experience. But if you want to have your hands open in the personalization and control of the website and the blog, you need to look for another operating system.





SVBTLE is a free blogging system for long writings.


SVBTLE introduces itself as a blogging platform that can be very helpful to you. SVBTLE is very similar to MEDIUM. When SVBTLE places your texts and words on a regular basis in the boxes on your blog and website, you can provide a gorgeous, modern experience to your audience. When you want to capture the content and stories you want, this blogging system will definitely attract your attention. Of course, choosing this option will still depend on you, because SVBTLE can only create a site or blog with the least personalization possible.





LIVEJOURNAL brings together blogs and social networks.


One of the oldest and oldest operating systems in this list is LIVEJOURNAL, which is very similar to BLOGGER and was established in 1999. Perhaps because of its time, it has made the border between blog and social networks slim and intangible.

The result of using LIVEJOURNAL is that you can make more interaction for your audience in the space of your website and blog. You can also post some personal items on such blogs. Of course, the case that is so evident in this operating system is that audiences can talk about your content and your writing, or even express your criticisms freely.





WEEBLY is a web site building tool and system that includes blogging patterns.


WEEBLY is a web site making tools and systems and is not primarily a blog. This site is based on the drag and drop process, which enables you to easily create pages quickly.

In any case, blogging is part of the system, and so you can get customizable layouts and many free themes and sharing options that you expect to be able to capture content. And show your stories.





POSTACH.IO is a blogging system from EVENOTE compilations.


POSTACH.IO claims that it offers the easiest way for blogging to reach its customers and audiences. This operating system is a subset of EVERNOTE.

In POSTACH.IO, you can create your own notes after you sign in and share it with your contacts by choosing “PUBLISHED”.

In any case, you will also have access to personalization settings with this option. You can also use features like different types of themes, tools for placing content on other websites, putting comments and comments, and using options instead of DROPBOX to save your favorite content, and so on.


  1. PEN.IO



PEN.IO is one of the blogging platforms you do not need to log in or log in.


The PEN.IO method differs from all similar samples. Usually this operating system does not require users to log in or LOGIN – instead you need to specify the URL and password for the posts.

Images can be dragged or dragged to the desired location, and you can create multi-page posts using a TAG. This is all that PEN.IO does.

In fact, this operating system is the best option for removing posts scattered on blogs or websites. If you do not want to store any personal information on your blog, PEN.IO can be a good choice for you.


  1. GHOST



If you install the open-source blogging system called GHOST in your personal system, it’s free.


Unlike other examples in this list, GHOST is free only when downloaded and installed on your personal system. Use the GHOST website and notice how much you can attract audiences and visitors to your blog and website.

In any case, the operating system has differentiated itself in many different ways: this blogging platform is a source of freedom, and when writing your information and story and content, it’s a preview of how posting is located. They are displayed on your website or blog. Well, so you have prepared your blog and put some stuff there and now you want users to know about it. Almost all people? Not everyone It is true? The only people who really want to say what you want are.

Marketing is not easy, and that’s not everyone’s skill. Sometimes, even with budgets and advertising teams, big companies do it wrong.

I mean just that you have to adapt to your method and tactics. You can not be sure of seeing all your blog and you can not use the best practices that big companies use. You should only find the right people as your blog’s audience.

You need to find a group of audiences who are interested in telling what you want, and prove them worth the time to spend.

Keep in mind that your content and stories must be awesome and appealing in order to attract users. You do not have to have a lot of budget at the beginning of your blog, the right choice of blogging operating system can be a success for you, according to your terms and condition

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