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In this article, we’ll teach you how to schedule posts in WordPress . In fact, we’ll show you how to schedule posts in WordPress site design .

Do you know WordPress has the ability to post your posts in the future? This very useful feature is a little hidden, because many beginners will not notice it. By scheduling posts, you will never worry about publishing your articles at a specific time. You can end the writing and schedule the content and release them by the date and time they are published.

Why should I post posts in WordPress?

To create a successful blog, the best strategy is to plan the publication of the calendar and publish them on a regular basis. Here the scheduling feature is specified manually.

You can write your articles and quickly increase and go ahead. When you finish writing, you can publish the post at a specific date and time.

Another reason to plan your posts is to use peak traffic hours. Each website reaches the peak of its users at a specific time from one day. By publishing at that time, you can use the traffic available to increase the display of your pages.

Now, if you live in a different time zone than your readers, this can be problematic. Imagine the peak time of your traffic where you live 3 in the evening. So posting plans are very useful for this.

Another benefit of timing is when you are on vacation. You can simply plan your blog posts and enjoy your holidays without worrying about writing and publishing content. Now let’s take a look at how to schedule posts in WordPress.


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How to schedule a post on WordPress?

If you’re careful, scheduling is a simple task. But there’s an option that’s not easy to spot.

  1. When you finish writing your blog post, look under the “Document” tab in the right column of the edit page.
  2.  In the “Status and Visible” panel, you must click on the “Immediately” link next to “Publish”.


This section shows you the date and time you selected. You can choose the date and time when you want the post to be posted after the site design .


In addition to choosing the date and time in the future, you can use the same tool to retrieve your blog post in the past. You can choose a date and time in the future to schedule your article on WordPress. But when you select the upcoming date, you will notice that the release button above will change to “Timeline …”.As shown below:


Simply plan your post by clicking on the timetable button and WordPress. Scheduled posts are automatically published at the selected date and time.

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