WordPress baby pages

WordPress baby pages

Do you want to create a child page in WordPress ? As you know, pages in the WordPress site design can be independent or hierarchical. For this purpose, they have the following pages.

What is the child’s page in WordPress?

Content in WordPress includes two types of pages and posts. It’s best to know that posts are part of a blog that is displayed in a timed order (the first new entries). Posts are also organized by category and related tags. But pages like “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and … are not part of a blog and can be hierarchical. That is, they have parent and child pages.

Usually, business websites use pages to create a website structure. This will create a website without creating a blog. Those who want to use the blog for content marketing, can easily create a separate blog page to reach their goal. However, if the number of pages is too large, it’s difficult to organize them. Therefore, you are required to create child pages or parent pages. As a result, these pages have a great effect on optimizing your website structure and layout.

For example, a home page called “About Us” can include other child’s pages, such as team members, dates, and jobs. Also, each child’s page can also have child-related pages. In this way, you can create a structure for your web site by creating relationships between your pages.

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