What is seo

What is seo The set of techniques used to raise a SEO website is called. It’s better to know SEO (SEO) Search engine optimization means optimization for search engines. In the early years (1990), search engines such as Alta Vista, Yahoo, and … ranked the results alphabetically. As a result, the page with the letter A was the first link on the results page. But today’s more sophisticated algorithms make intelligence more search engines. Today, the criteria for categorizing the results and optimizing websites are based on user behavior and user experience.

As you know, Google is by far the most searched search engine for search engines. Hence, it includes several algorithms including caffeine, panda, flies, pigeons, and so on. Research has shown that it accounts for about 30% of the traffic volume of an e-commerce site. As a result, online store owners can convert a number of users to their potential customers at no cost (organic) using their keywords on their website.

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In other words, SEO has been considered in order to realize the goals of the digital marketing branch. What is SEO to better understand ? Read the following and do the following to your site.

Determine the most important content

The first step in the content of the site is to determine what is the most important content of your website? To clarify this, you need to write the most complete and perfect text in relation to the core of your business. In fact, this should be displayed when people search for a topic or product. Before pointing out how to link to a site, it’s best to know that the purpose of doing this is to identify the subject of your business based on the above text to Google.

Link to the site



No content will be ranked without your content linking. With a solid strategy for generating link types, you can show which articles are more informative and valuable. The methods of linking to the site are:

  • Direct linking of the sentences to the desired text
  • Add links to the end of the content
  • Linking posts related to the original post, which are the foundation stone or core of your website’s content.
  • Linking from original to all posts or subtitles and derived from it.
  • Relevant referrals, in fact referencing your posts and pages to the home page
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If you follow the instructions, both Google and users will find that your site is better than other sites. This will make Google appear more prominent and more prominent. As a result, the number of visitors to your website has increased and this will increase the odds of your site’s ranking ranked after site design .

Thank you for your attention. In the next articles, we will provide more content in the field of SEO. Stay with us.

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