Types of site design with WordPress

One of the content management systems used in site design is the WordPress Content Management System. This system is one of the most famous and most popular systems.

Many of the websites created in the world have been created by WordPress (about thirty percent of the websites), and this is one reason for the great advantage of this CMS.

A variety of designed websites with the help of WordPress

It is possible to design a variety of websites with the help of WordPress, these websites, after completion, can be expanded in many cases and have more features.




Several different models of websites can be created by WordPress, the most common of these websites is the design of a corporate website. In this website model, a complete and detailed description of the company is presented.

Corporate websites include a wide variety of sections, including a page about us, contacts, image galleries, board members, certifications and permissions, agencies, and more.

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Another model of the website is the website design of the store . Types of products can be put up for sale on these websites. A more advanced model of store websites is websites that are multi-vendor websites.

On these sites that use the store plugin, it is possible for each vendor to have a separate panel and register their products on the website.

Of course, before displaying products on the website, the main manager should confirm the products placed by other vendors.

Personal and daily websites are also some of the websites that can be created with WordPress.

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