Signs of hacking WordPress site

Signs of hacking WordPress site is one of the necessary knowledge about site design . Because by studying carefully, in some cases, WordPress sites can be hacked. In this article, we want to show some signs of hacking the WordPress site.

Sudden drop in website traffic


If you look at your Google Analytics reports and see a sudden drop in traffic, this can be an indication that your WordPress site has been hacked. There are a lot of malware and malware that destroys your website traffic and directs it to spam websites. Some will not direct users to the site, but allow them to stay on those sites for a while.

Another reason for a sudden traffic jump is Google’s secure browser tool, which may announce warnings to users about your website.

Google lists blacklists every week, including 20,000 backlinks to other websites and about 50,000 websites for malware. That’s why anyone who has the responsibility of designing the site and who owns a business should pay close attention to their WordPress security. You can use Google’s secure browser tool to view your site’s safety report.

Added broken links to the website


One of the most common signs of hacked WordPress sites is infusion of information. Hackers create a secret way on their WordPress site that allows them to access files and modify the database.                                                   


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Some of these hacks add links to spam websites. Usually these links are added at the bottom of your website, while they can be anywhere. Deleting malicious links will not guarantee their reversal. You should find this secret way to prevent the injection of information.  

You can not login to the admin panel

If you can not login to your WordPress site, hackers may have removed your account from WordPress. Since there is no account, you can not set your password from the login screen. There are other ways to add an admin account using phpMyAdmin or FTP. However, your site remains insecure until you find out how the hacker has accessed your website.

Suspicious user account in WordPress

If your site design has been created for user registration and you have not used any protection from spamming, then spam accounts are just ordinary spam that you can easily remove.

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But if you do not sign up and do not see new user accounts in WordPress, your site may have been hacked. It is worth noting that the suspicious account has the role of the admin user, and in some cases it may not be able to remove it from the admin panel.

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