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The subject of our article today is the Novalalo links in WordPress . To know how to add nofollow links to WordPress posts, pages and menus, join us.

 When you link to your website, search engines will convey a small portion of the power of the link from your website to another website. But since you can not control that website, it’s best to add the nofollow feature to the links.

The nofollow link is a link that tells search engines that it does not create any link from its page to another website that links to it. You can convert any link to the nofollow link by adding the rel = “nofollow” attribute. It’s better to know links are the key factor in ranking site design for a search engine.

When you link to a website, search engines consider this as a ranking signal and transfer a small portion of the power of your page to another website.

Some SEO experts believe that by creating nofollow external links, their website ranking will be higher.

Checking the link to be a nodal

All nofollow links should have rel = nofolkow in their html code. In the screenshot below, there is an HTML code sample of the nofollow links:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> Google </a>

To check whether the nofollow feature has been added to a web link, you must move your mouse over that link, then right-click on it and select the inspect option from the drop-down menu. In the codes associated with the link, the phrase Check the rel = nofollow. As shown below:


  jquery in site design



Your browser window is now split into two parts. In the popup window, you can see the html link code with the nofollow feature.

Time to add nofollow links

In general, it’s best to add the Nofalom feature to links that link to unreliable external websites.  

But it’s recommended to link to authorized websites like Wikipedia, sitedp without the nofollow feature. Because linking to legitimate sites increases your website’s credibility.

Add Newfalou Links to the Classic WordPress Editor

You can easily add nofollow links in the classic editor with the help of a plugin.

The first thing to do is to install and enable the Title and Nofollow For Links plugin. This plugin has no specific settings. Now, do the following:

  • Create a new post first.
  • Then select the word you want to link to with the mouse and select the word editor from the “Submit” mark as shown below:


  • Add the external link to the text box above and click the gear icon to open the link options.
  • Marking the “Open in new window” or “open link in a new tab” and “Add rel = nofollow to link” or “Adding feature to the link” box as shown below.


  • Click the Update button.

By doing the above steps, without the need for coding, you add the novalou to the links you want to create your site .

Most bloggers also choose to “open the link in the new tab” when creating an external link. It’s better to know that this is a great way to reduce the amount of searches that will prevent your visitors from leaving your website.

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