How to change the admin address of the email address

 By default, the WordPress site designer uses the first user account used on the site as the manager’s email address. This article will introduce you to how to change the email address of the site administrator .

Change the email address of the site administrator

Typically, beginners use their own email address when installing WordPress. Also, some web hosting companies will automatically use your hosting email address during installation. In fact, they have an automatic installation.

This email address is then used by WordPress as the email address of the website as well as this email address as the first admin account. The email address of your website is used by WordPress to send important email notifications. For example, when a new account is created, an automatic update is installed. The administrator’s email address is also used to retrieve lost passwords and notifications about his account. Most website owners will soon realize they want to use their email address for professional business instead of all public emails. They also want to use a different email address for managing the site and the management user.


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How to change the email address of the management of the website

  • Change the email address through the management area
  • Change the email address via the phpMyadmin icon


Change the email address through the management area

This method is very simple, and we recommend beginners to change its user account administration account. To do this, select the General option from the Settings window, and then enter the email address you want to use instead of the existing email address in the Email Address bar. As shown below:


Do not forget to save your changes. WordPress now sends management-related emails to a new email address.

In the meantime, if you want to change the email address of other users, you must visit the “users” menu “all users” and click the “Edit” link below the user name to browse through the name of the user. As shown below:

This page will open the profile edit for that particular account. As a result, you can go to the email option and simply change the email address.

Do not forget to click the Update Profile button to save the relevant changes.


If you are currently logged in to the account you are modifying, WordPress sends an email alert to a new email address. To confirm your email address change, you must click on the link sent to your email.

Change the email address via the phpMyadmin icon

 This method is only used when accessing the WordPress admin area. First, you should visit the CPanel dashboard on your own panel. Then, in the database section, click the phpMyAdmin icon.


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You will see in your phpMyAdmin window your database, which is listed in the left column. Clicking on it will show all the tables inside it. But you must click on the _options table name and click on it.


Now it shows you the row of data inside the table. You must click on the “Edit” button in the row that is in the option_name box, the admin-email statement.

Now phpMyAdmin opens a row in the form through which you can only manage your site’s email. Do not forget to click on the “Go” button to save your changes.

You have successfully updated the admin email address for email notifications.

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