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In this article, we plan to teach you how to edit the image in WordPress . The image editing in Design removal, rotate, and scale the image size of photos. Of course, editing images does not have the right time to access your original computer, and you may upload images on the go in the subway. In fact, the WordPress content management system, as a basic editor, has the power to allow you to easily make edits to your original image, such as cutting, rotation, and aspect ratio.

Edit the photo in the admin panel

The first thing you need to do before editing an image is uploading a photo on the host. Therefore, to upload a photo, you can do two things using the article editor bar when you are writing a text or when you are watching a movie using the Add new page button. Now that you have uploaded the image, go to the Library page of the Media menu. After viewing this window, click on the image you previously uploaded.

After performing the above instructions, the image opens in a window where the image details are displayed in the right column and its preview to the left. In this step, you can access the WordPress Image Editor window in two ways: Click on the Edit image button below the image preview and click the “Image Editing Details” button.


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Clicking the Edit Image Details link will open the media window to the image editing page.  


You can click on the Edit Image button under the image preview below to open the image editing page.

You are now on the image editing page. On this page, you will see a toolbar with a number of buttons at the top of your image. As you can see in the image below, there are options to resize the image to the right of the window. Here’s a brief explanation of the image editing buttons.


Crop: Use this option to delete a portion of the image you do not need by clicking and selecting from your image.

Rotate: Clicking this button will rotate the image clockwise and counterclockwise.

Flip: Flip the buttons to portrait or landscape mode.

 Undo / Redo: With this button, you can restore the saved changes and neutralize the unsaved changes.


Now let’s explain the function options on the right side of the image editing page.


Image Scale:

In this section, the dimensions of the image are specified. You can manually save the image scale in original proportions. It is best to use this option before removing an image. Otherwise, the proportions of the image may change. It’s worth mentioning that you can only shrink an image in WordPress, and you can not enlarge it by increasing the size of the image.


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Dimensions: If you want to maintain a certain dimension for your image, you can adjust it in this section. To do this, you need to click the cut button and cut it with your desired dimensions.

Thumbnail settings: In this section, you specify that you want to apply changes to the full size of the image, thumbnail, or all modes other than thumbnail dimensions.

After making the changes, if you are sure of their actions, click the Save, Scale or Update button. In fact, by finalizing these changes, a new version of the image will be created on your site’s server.


How to restore the original image after editing


If you are not satisfied with the edited image, you can easily revert to the original version. At this point, you will see a new button called ‘restore main image’.After restoring the Restore Button, Verupress retrieves the original image. Now you can re-edit it or leave it as it is.

We hope that by presenting the article ” Image Editing Training in WordPress ” we have been able to help you edit the original image in the WordPress admin area.

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