Change the number of display posts in WordPress

Would you like to know how to change the number of display posts in WordPress ? By default, WordPress site archiving pages display up to 10 posts per page. Before examining this, it’s best to explain a bit about our current paper, the post.

What is the post?

All kinds of content in WordPress WordPress post design . It’s better to know posts are the same posts. But due to their Latin name, they are known as the post. There are two other types of posts, the default posts and typed posts.

Default posts

There are 5 default posts in the WordPress site design , which are all added to the system during installation:

  • Post
  • Page
  • Attachment
  • Revision
  • Navigation menu

Post Types

In fact, all posts are of the type of post types that contain columns with the same title and are stored in a table called wp-posts.

It is worth noting that you can modify or delete these default posts. But it’s better not to do this, because when you develop a template or WordPress plugin, these posts are needed.


  Content site and how to produce for our site

Change the number of posts displayed on the WordPress page

Although you can easily change this number from the dashboard settings of the site easily and put your own number. In this article, we show how you can easily change the number of posts displayed on the WordPress website.

The first thing you need to do is enter the WordPress Content Management System dashboard and go to the read page from the settings window. Then you need to change the number of “Blog pages show at most” option, which means “Maximum number of posts per page”. Do not forget to click the “Save Changes” button after making this change. Now your WordPress system and its archiving pages display the number of posts you have specified on each page.


How many posts should my site be displayed on my website?

Usually, 10 pages of web pages are displayed on each screen by default. This number seems to be appropriate for the users’ attention and attention.  You can display as many posts as you want, but we do not recommend choosing more than 10 postings, especially when you can not make an excerpt.

The main reason why there are not more posts on the page is that the size of the page gets bigger, which makes it slower. This allows users to quickly and easily search for archives, and this is a good user experience. We hope this article will help you to change the number of posts displayed on the website page.

On the blog pages and WP Beginner Archives, we show 10 posts with a selection and a featured image.

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