Website design over time

Where did the design of the site begin?

In 1989, the Barnsley team sent its first offer to invent the Internet to an institution called CERN, accepting its design, and the Internet was invented.

The Internet, as an integrated web-based system, allowed users access to information and data.

Web Features at Burnsville Time

First web version: The documentation was linked by links and links.

Second Web Edition: Content was created by users. Content dynamically enhanced.

Third Web Version: Data and Information Revealed Worldwide.

The web was developed in three versions. The invention of the Internet, like many inventions based on technology, is based on the following three technologies that the site design has developed :

  1. URL or URL: This technology is based on the documentation on the Web that is available to find on the Web this information.
  2. HTML Language: With this language markup and links on webpages
  3. Data Transfer Protocol: The Internet was used to transfer information from HTTP.

With these technologies, the Barnsley team has come to the forefront with the need for the fourth technology to succeed, which is convenient access for users. With the release of Internet access for everyone, the Internet became global.

  In your opinion, reading articles in web design helps us

After the globalization of the Internet, it was time to design the site . In a variety of businesses, they have come up with new ways to become global. HTML has become more complete with time and new technologies and has been used as a programming language for site design.

Web design was divided into several categories:

  1. Static websites
  2. Dynamic websites
  3. Portals
  4. Websites with content management


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