Compilation plan!

Compilation plan!

Perhaps you’ve heard the sentence that your project is semi-specific, but you should openly talk about it. Is it using ready-made templates?

If this is the case, this is just a trick! When you talk about dedicated site design, everything is written for you. There are lots of discussions in the semi-specific plot, but you should keep this in mind.

Our main argument is coding, and the graphic design is not intended to be of a special semi-specific nature, because if there is a problem coding, you can never go ahead with confidence. In other words, “It always works the same way”

Exclusive design includes things that should be considered and not deceiving people who use the word as a slogan if you are looking for a store site design .

Compare dedicated site design and professional site design

Maybe there’s a question for you as to what is the difference between the two, in my opinion, these two sentences are in some way synonymous to each other, and maybe their users are looking for a lot of common points, but they are really different.

Anyone looking for a professional site designer would definitely want to kick off his rivals

A person looking for dedicated website design is looking for a web site that is based on the standard of day

But when we enter the subject, and in the discussion of the steps in each of the two, we look at each of the two types of site design, the user expects codecs and dedicated site design, and it may be necessary to design a professional site in the type of user experience and flow.

But up to 95% of dedicated web design and website design are common


How to design a dedicated site

Site design is a project that is carried out in two general ways:


  • One of the methods is to design the site using a content management system.
  • The second way is to use one of the programming languages for you.


Dedicated site design

In designing a site with content management systems, if the design of the site is exclusive, it will be very valuable. Coding is done in content management systems. Content management systems have many advantages that are considered for websites that want to be developed in the years to come. Using the dedicated site design, you can have a simple content management panel that you can easily work with. For example, the site administrator easily accesses all components of the site. It has very easy to use.

WordPress CMS

Some users have a misconception about content management systems such as WordPress. Thinking that using WordPress CMS is only for ready-made templates, if you can have a dedicated website design using WordPress. In WordPress, a specialist designer can do a dedicated site design. WordPress CMS provides many features.

WordPress science

Always keep in mind that skilled and experienced coding experts have the ability to code in WordPress and codify them specifically for you. WordPress is one of the best CMS in programming and coding.

WordPress CMS has coded a lot of programmer and codecs for that reason, with countless knowledge of its code, and one person can spend time indefinitely for many years, he can not also code a system. While designing sites that code the CMS, such much knowledge is not seen behind their coding.

A team with scripting languages does the design of the website in addition to the constraints in which the design of the site exists. For example, a site design project with scripting languages is written shortly and with a limited team. Now consider how to design a dedicated site with a content management system. A content management system is written over a long period of time with a large number of code writers and programmers, in addition to a dedicated team of design professionals. So openly with the application of many knowledge, the design of a dedicated site will be done for you and much better than designing a site with other languages.

Why is WordPress CMS Designed for Design ?

WordPress CMS has unique features that designers and coders have been working on for a long time. An interesting point to keep in mind is that WordPress WordPress is still being updated. While other management systems face some limitations, the other thing is that it is cost effective in terms of the features that it provides.

When you do a dedicated design on WordPress, it’s very fast, provided it’s being developed by the professional team. Additional code has not been used in its design.

We continue to optimize and point out that the WordPress Content Management System is tailored to you when it’s tailored to you, the codes used in the design of the site will be optimized and at high speed, it will give you good rankings in search engines. Bring.

Considering the purpose of the website, you can choose the right design for a dedicated website. It should be noted that there are proficient individuals who urge you to design a site with programming languages that this design faces with countless constraints. Is . The dedicated design helps you implement any graphics you want the designer to implement for you.

We will design a dedicated site with a team of professional designers , considering the feasibility of consulting in the meetings. For more information on dedicated site design, you can contact advisers.


In the future, when your website has good visitors, are you willing to take risks and use a fake template?

Do you think these problems exist at all in the design of the dedicated site? If after some time in the form of your ready-made Chinese titles appeared and your rank was dropped, you would not be willing to pay a multiplier of that cost for a dedicated site design?

As we tried to explain the benefits of designing a dedicated website to you, we all talked about the fact that it really does not make use of the templates that are ready for you and you will always be in trouble

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